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Key ingredients for sausage/meat table

Products for Meat Industry

Depending on your requirement, Four Foods Co.,Ltd. can provide a variety of unique Seasoning mixes and Additive mixes from our library that suit to the meat processing such as Meatball, Sausage, Nam (Thai style fermented sausage), Ham, Bacon etc.

  • Mexical Chilli Marinade
  • Nam Prik Pow Marinade (Thai Sweet Chili Paste Marinade)
  • Yellow Tikka Marinade
  • Meat Curry Marinade
  • Satay Marinade
  • Tandori Marinade
  • Garlic and Herb Marinade
  • Hawaiian Marinade
  • Masala Marinade


Marinated with Four Foods Co., Ltd.'s fermented powder with pork, chicken, beef, etc., can enhance the original flavor or aroma according to the traditional style of food. Mexican Fermentation Powder, Garlic Pepper Fermentation Powder, Chili Paste Fermentation Powder, Hawaiian Fermentation Powder, Tikka Fermentation Powder, Masala Fermentation Powder, Curry Powder Fermentation, Satay Fermentation Powder, Tandoori Fermentation Powder.


The industry divided into three main groups. Groups include Spices, Seasoning for snacks and Key ingredients for sausage/meat.



Spices is the most important ingredient for seasoning and marinade because of its flavour,taste and aroma give to enhance the taste and decorate for more extractive dish.

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