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Key ingredients for sausage/meat table

The Company has products in the group of chemical compounds and ready-to-eat seasonings for meat processing products such as sausages, ham, naam, as well as productivity-enhancing products for shrimp, fish, squid and chicken, such as.


Products for Seafood Industry

  • NPA-1X Phosphate-Free Mixture Powder for Shrimp
  • MP-03 Mixture with Phosphate for Shrimp
  • LMP-2X Low Phosphate Mixture Powder for Shrimp
  • ACT BLEND quality additive for sausage production, meatballs
  • Fermented Nham powder, etc.

Products for Meat Industry

  • Various marinades (shrimp, fish and chicken)
  • Frankfurter Spice Powder (Sausage)
  • Vienna Spice Powder (Sausage)
  • ham spices, etc.


The industry divided into three main groups. Groups include Spices, Seasoning for snacks and Key ingredients for sausage/meat.



Spices is the most important ingredient for seasoning and marinade because of its flavour,taste and aroma give to enhance the taste and decorate for more extractive dish.

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